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Foldable Cutting Board with Strainer



Material: Plastic

Function: Chopping board


Foldable Cutting Board with Strainer

Chopping / cutting Board with Integrated Strainer/Colander. This Cutting Board was designed so that you can chop and rinse your vegetables, without losing any of your cut veggies in the process. We used to cut our veggies on a cutting or dicing board and then throw the chopped veggies into a strainer to rinse, often dropping some of them on the dirty floor, which you might find annoying, time consuming and creating more dirty dishes. With the new designed Folding Cutting Board you’ve got you cutting board and colander all in 1 piece. So no more dirtying extra dishes and no more dropping cut veggies.Now you can rinse and strain your cut veggies without having to dirty extra many kitchen utensils.

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