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Expandable Magic Hose Pipe

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Pipe Material: Stretchable and expandable rubber tube with strong webbing

Gun Material: Plastic

Package include: 

1 x nozzle
1 x  7-in-1 multi-functional spray gun



Expandable Magic Hose Pipe

The Hose is a new revolutionary hose that you have perhaps never seen and heard of before. The Magic hose can expand up to 3 times from its original length and it can easily contract back to its previous length in no time. This distinctive feature makes the magic hose as the entirely different and unique hose from the traditional garden hose. The original expanded length of the magic hose is about 10 meters that can be expanded 3 times to reach at 30 meters in no time. The hose is made from the flexible rubber tube that is sealed by webbing. With the pressure of the water, the length and width of the pipe increases up 3 times than its contracted length.

The magic hose is equipped with a powerful sprayer that can spray the water at an impressive speed and pressure. The spray gun can be started with the help of the trigger that is mounted on it. The new magic hose is very compact, lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of space for the storage. Instead, you can fold the hose easily and then place it under the bed or even in the cupboard. Now you do not need to purchase the larger length household rubber pipes for huge amounts, as you can fulfill the same purpose the same purpose with the help of Magic Hose pipe.

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